Since 2013 Ayesha’s workshops are one of the leading make-up destinations in Hyderabad. The workshops aimed at embedding the concept of hands on maintaining strong hygiene, product knowledge and latest techniques acquired globally.
With an ever increasing demand for a class that is more accessible to women of all age groups and income groups to afford something that is a complete self-grooming learning experience, we are now launching the limited-edition Summer Season 1 of our ‘Complete Collection Workshops’.
The intention of curating something so thorough is to help women all over Hyderabad and those living outside of the city or country (yes you read that right- read on). A lot of you suffer from inability to develop a skincare and hair-care routine that doesn’t fit your schedule or skin and hair types.
This workshop will be a great opportunity to not only learn all the inside information on how to maintain youthful looking skin and hair but also save money for a lifetime! You’ll learn two most versatile day and evening make-up looks as per demand and also the best tips for creating the perfect easy to do self-hairstyles for day and evening. You will learn how to choose colours, create looks and styles along with complete tips on styling. If you struggle to style and never understand what to do when you have everything, you’ve found the right class for you. That is why we call it the Complete Collection – something so true to its meaning that this class will give you a new perspective and experience to your future YOU!