Ayesha’s Makeup Workshop is one of the 1st leading makeup destinations in Hyderabad that embedded the concept of all hands on following maintaining strong hygiene, product knowledge and latest techniques acquired globally.

The ever growing beauty industry demands keeping up with the product knowledge and training in the market. With the rise of individuals across the country who want to become makeup artists and the lack of quality education and practice has demanded us to launch the masterclasses unlike no other. With over seven years of experience working in fashion, bridal and beauty industry and hands on education from more than twenty educators from the US and UK, Ayesha’s Masterclasses are bound to leave you mind blown and inspired to take your career to new heights. Hands on experience on all days with the artist will give you confidence and improve your technical skills with makeup application. You learn how to be prepared to take a step into the real world artistry with professionalism and a style that will stand out from the rest.

Our new and improved masterclasses are deep rooted to improving the most essential and fundamental aspects of your makeup artistry career.