Ayesha’s make-up artistry is a through practice and a determined pursuit of perfection.


Ayesha A.K. is a professional make-up artist and stylist with finesse in bridal, fashion, beauty, HD film and contemporary make-up. With over seven years of experience, her principal focus has been providing luxury on location make-up and hair services to Brides. She also conducts make-up workshops. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Ayesha is now based out of Hyderabad, where she lives with her family. Passionate about art since her childhood, her fascination with colours was so lovingly encouraged by her late Mother who would indulge her dreams by buying her small make-up kits to experiment with. Growing up, she went on to succeed as an Interior and Fashion Designer but ultimately turned to her true calling, that of a Make-up Artist, in 2009 after all the remarkable praise and requests she received from friends and references regarding her captivating work.

Flawless finish and expertise is hard earned though, and educated by professionals based in the USA and UK, Ayesha’s make-up artistry is a through practice and a determined pursuit of perfection. She constantly endeavors to better her skills and this makes her journey a spirited one!

In 2013, Ayesha reached a new milestone when she kick-started what would be the first of many of her hands on Make-up workshops in Hyderabad. Her classes soon rose to be some of the most sought after and acclaimed courses by make-up lovers from all corners of the country. Professionalism, technical knowledge and her excellent reputation have contributed towards making her one of the leading artists in the region.

It’s not just about Make-up, but the entire memory for her client that matters to Ayesha. Having helped create over 300 such impeccable bridal experiences so far, she credits her success to her empathetic approach, keen attention to detail, and a genuine eagerness to make her clients feel comfortable in their own skin to make their day nothing short of perfect!

In her own words, “Almost all young women who sit in my chair are too hard on themselves and withhold acceptance of their own beauty. Through my true passion for the art of make-up, I strive to show them the best versions of themselves. At the end of the day, the confidence and joy in their smiles is what I thrive off – one face at a time!”

EDUCATORS 2009-2018

Sam Fine, Pati Dubroff, Alex Box, Reggie Wells (Oprah), Sandy Linter, Jessie Powers (Makeup Forever), Chris Milone, Lora Arellano (Melt Cosmetics), Joanna Schlip, Stephen Dimmick, Gregory Arlt (MAC) , Jessica Padilla, Michelle Coursey, Erica Carr, Beau Nelson, Kate Johnson, Brett Dorian, Eugina Weston (Senna Cosmetics), Julianne Kaye, Namrata Soni, Farrukh Shamuratov, Anastasia Durasova, Louie Zakarian, Nicky Posley, Brigitte Reiss-Andersohn, Miss Fame NYC, Troy Surrat, and Sir John.


Lauren Gottlieb, Seerat Kapoor, Surabhi Punaik, Poonam Kaur, Disha Patani, Neerus, Kashish, Divya Reddy, Shilpa Reddy, Prathyusha Garimella, Kartik & Niharika, Clove Dental Clinic.