Here at Ayesha AK, we have one job that is more than the perfect red lipstick. That is to keep you, our client, healthy and safe.

To give you peace of mind at this uncertain time, we wanted to let you know that our professional makeup kits and our workstations were always clean and disinfected, even before the pandemic.

While we have always practiced these safety precautions on a regular basis, we are, however being more mindful than ever before.

I thought you should be aware of our cleaning practices to give you peace of mind – Not just now, but in the future too.

Here are some things Ayesha AK does to keep you safe as our client:

  1. We DO NOT allow more than one client in the room during the appointment. Family members and friends can wait outside the room if they have services booked with us. For photography, only the photographer or videographer will be allowed at a time with social distancing norms and a facemask.
  2. We wear a facemask and face shield throughout the appointment.
  3. We encourage cashless online payments to be completed before starting of services.
  4. We wipe down all surfaces before we set up our makeup stations.
  5. We wash our hands for 30 seconds before we begin your services.
  6. In addition, we use hand sanitizer as an extra step before we start services.
  7. We use new, clean brushes that have been washed in soap and water on every client.
  8. We never use spray brush cleaner between clients. Spray brush cleaner is only meant to remove color or product from a brush, not to sanitize.
  9. We never double-dip our brush directly into beauty products.
  10. We always scrape, scoop, and dip products to clean, metal palette of paper towel.
  11. We never apply mascara on you right out of the tube unless we’re giving you the new mascara afterwards to keep.
  12. When applying mascara, we will always use new, disposable mascara wand or brush for each application, and we never double-dip.
  13. We never blow on brushes, makeup tools or lashes.
  14. We disinfect our tools, from tweezers to lash curlers, and wipe down all products before we pack our kit and after we complete a job. This keeps from cross contamination other products inside our kits.
  15. We regularly clean surface objects with a disposable disinfectant, as well as objects that are frequently used, such as phones, keyboards, toilets, door handles, tables, counter tops, and cabinets.
  16. After every client, whether in the studio or at your location, we clean the working surface and always prepare a new, clean area to work on.
  17. We will practice these same guidelines at your home or hotel as well.
  18. We wear freshly washed clothing that has been dried in a dryer and maintain strict personal hygiene.

In addition to these everyday steps, we are also being extra diligent to ensure that if team members or I are exhibiting signs or symptoms of illness, we will remain home.

Likewise, if you have an upcoming appointment with us and aren’t feeling your best, please email or call us at +918885779944 and we’ll be happy to reschedule your appointment. We are waiving our 24 cancellation policy until further notice in our effort to do our part in the community.

Finally, we will closely monitor this developing situation and make necessary adjustments according to CDC guidelines.

For information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus), please visit the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Thank you for your continued trust in Ayesha AK’s business, and I look forward to seeing you very soon to help you look and feel your absolute best.

All my best,

Ayesha AK

Hair & Makeup Artist and Educator